Can you clean the inside of my windows, or just the exterior?

We can clean both, whichever you prefer. Our technicians are trained to work carefully and safely on the interior of your home. That means your furnishings, floors, and window treatments will be left just the way we found them.


Are your cleaning products safe?

All of our products are home-safe and biodegradable. We do not use any ammonia or alcohol-based solutions that could affect fabrics or flooring.


How often should I clean my windows?

While we do accept once a year customers, most of our customers select our twice a year, interior and exterior cleaning or our quarterly exterior-only cleanings.


Does the weather affect the service?

K&L Cleaning Inc. is a year-round service company! We clean in cold and rainy weather, as well as, hot weather. We are able to perform exterior work on bad weather days, provided there is not gale force winds, lightning, or below freezing temps outside.


Are you insured? bonded?

Yes, both our company and all of our technicians are fully insured.


Can I trust the workers?

We go to great lengths to hire only responsible individuals who are drug tested and have background checks conduced before hiring. We pride ourselves in on our trained staff and their experience.


Do I have to be home for outside-only window washing or gutter cleaning?

No, we will do the work for you and leave you with sparkling clean windows and clean gutters.


Do I need to be home?

First time customers are strongly urged to be home. We would like you to see how we perform the services, and to be available for any questions.


How do I count windows?

Each window pane counts as one window, no matter how big or small.


How long does it usually take, and what if I have to leave or my schedule changes?

Each job being unique means that cleaning times will vary. If the time our crews will be on your jobsite is important to know just ask our estimator for an approximate time frame. Sometimes when a customer has an unexpected need to reclaim interior space with little notice, or they have to leave the jobsite unexpectedly, we will shift the order in which we clean exterior items for interior items so as to accommodate the customers need to have back interior space for meetings, showings, etc.


How often should I clean my windows?

The answer to this question is highly personal. It usually depends on customer budget, sensitivity to how high traffic, view windows etc. are showing dirt, finger prints, spider webs, bird droppings, etc.


What about the mess? Will my carpet and walls get dirty?

Any mess will be minimal. We keep water on the glass and not the carpets or walls. However, we will utilize drop cloths, and wear shoe booties to protect any sensitive surfaces that might be adversely affected by drops of water.


What do I need to do before your arrival?

We have our own supplies and equipment. All we ask is that there is a clear path to the windows. Remove any antiques, breakables etc. from furniture that may be in front of the window, or on the window sill.


How do you clean the gutters?

Our technicians come fully equipped with extension ladders and we clean out the gutters by hand and take away all of the debris, or leave in customer approved recycle bins, compost, or other designated area.


Will you cover my landscaping and shrubbery when you pressure wash my home or deck?

Yes, if necessary. Because of our choice of “variable adjust on the fly” pressure washing equipment is designed with minimum impact to bedding, flowers etc., the need to employ drop clothes is usually not necessary.