Gutter Cleaning

In addition to window cleaning, K&L Cleaning Inc. pledges to our valued customers to provide the finest value and service in gutter and gutter fascia cleaning.


•             Professionally clean out gutters and downspouts

•             Blow leaves off of walkway and driveway

•             Clean gutter fascia to restore natural color, getting rid of black lines

•             Install gutter downspout strainers to keep drains from becoming clogged

•             100% satisfaction guarantee


Clogged gutters and downspouts are very common in the Northwest. Gutter cleaning should take place at least once a year, especially if your house or business is located around or under trees. Understandably, most people don’t like to do the job themselves, whether it be a fear of heights or lack of tools to do it right. If left to build up and rot, the debris can cause serious damage to the gutters. Let K&L Cleaning Inc. get the job done right.