Our Process

On every job, we are committed to a proven process which is SAFE, SIMPLE, and GREEN.


Our Residential Window Washing Process:

1. First we remove screens from windows.

2. Next we will start cleaning your windows, usually working from the top down.  Our first step is wetting the entire window with our soft cotton sleeve strip washer and our environmentally-friendly window washing solution.

3. After wetting the window we will scrub the window very carefully to remove all bugs and anything else that may have found its way to the surface of your window.

4. Once the window has been scrubbed, we once again wet the window with our solution.

5. We next wipe the edges of your window in preparation of using the squeegee to dry your window.

6. Now it is time to squeegee your window dry.

7. After using the squeegee to remove most of the moisture on the glass, we finish the glass once again by wiping the edges to remove all remaining moisture.

8. Finally we will wipe down all your sills with a towel.

9. Once all windows are done we reinstall your screens and replace all furniture to its original location and the job is done.

10. Lastly we will check for any windows where the thermo pane seal has failed. This happens without notice. All it takes is a pinhole leak in the seal and the window will start to show signs of failure. Seal failure will appear as fuzziness, strange patterns in the glass or sweat in between the two pieces of glass that make up the thermo pane window. We will notify the customer if we see thermo pane failure for these reasons. One, the owner needs to know that these windows are not fixable. The only solution is to replace the failed windows. Two, we don’t want the customer to think we missed cleaning a side of the window. Three, we want the customer to be aware of the failure so if they want to replace the window they can take advantage of any manufacturer warranty that might exist, or so they can be prepared to get estimates in the event they want to replace the damaged windows to restore a clear view again through the windows that are no longer serviceable.