Who We Are

K&L Cleaning Inc. succeeds by giving our customers one less thing to manage in maintaining a property or business. Our goal every day is to give our customers back the time and energy they used to spend on property maintenance, by allowing us the privilege of doing it for them.

We started out in June of 1980 knocking on doors and asking if we could present competitive window cleaning bids. As one satisfied home owner led to another, we were soon asked to present bids at their place of work. It wasn’t very long before the reputation of our quality and service spread around the Pacific Northwest.

Service quality that separates our business from the rest:

1.            Providing Nordstrom service at Sears prices.

2.            Office staff available 5 days a week to bid, schedule, and answer your questions.

3.            Quick Response to Customers Request for service.

4.            Flexible scheduling.

5.            A passion for timely communication with our clients.

6.            Guaranteeing customer satisfaction.


Some of the types of projects we routinely provide cleaning service for:

Commercial office buildings





Chain Stores

Large, medium, and small homes

New construction projects

Real estate listings

Boat Docks